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Food Memories are the strongest ones. It takes just one bite and the flavor,scent,texture will take you back to your childhood, where every new taste, every scent is attached to a new feeling. All my food memories are connected to my grandmother. When I was small, even since I was 3 or 4 years old, she used to talk to me while cooking, through the recipe step by step and sometimes even let me stir the pot or try to make phyllo dough for the pies. She was the best cook in the world actually and put all her love into her cooking. I guess that's why everything she cooked tasted like heaven.

Growing up, she taught me that cooking needs good ingredients,patience and lots lots of love, but most importantly, to share your food with people, not only with your family, but with anyone who needs to be treated. I'm so happy I can now share with you all my love for real food. Food that tastes like your mum's or grandma's and at the first bite it'll take you back to your childhood. Every Eatme Moment will be a new Food Memory. Let's share them together!



Food Blogger, Kalliroi


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